Getting Started with Pyff

Downloading Pyff

Pyff can be downloaded from this homepage.

Installing Pyff

Just exctract the downloaded archive into a directory.

Fulfilling Pyff's Requirements

Make sure to install the requirements before proceeding. Keep in mind that the given requirements are only those of Pyff, If your Feedback demands additional software, you won't be able to start it until you instelled it.

Starting Pyff

To start the Feedback Controller go into the "src" directory and enter:


The Feedback Controller supports many parameters to get an overview enter:

python --help

Running a Feedback

Click in the GUI and select one of the available Feedbacks. To load the Feedback click the send-init button. After the Feedback has loaded, the table in the GUI should show the Feedback's variables, their types and values. To start the Feedback click the play button.